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Thursday, 10 August 2017

Herba Maharani untuk Kecantikan Dalaman Wanita

Hi semua. Selamat petang.

Hari ini, yana nak kongsikan keunikan Herba Maharani.

Apa itu Herba Maharani?

Herba Maharani atau lebih dikenali dengan nama Beijing Te Zhi Bai Feng Wan adalah herba yang diformulasi dari resipi traditional Bai Feng Wan pada masa Dinasti Ming di China. Herba Maharani ini dihasilkan oleh farmasi diraja khas untuk kegunaan Maharani untuk mengekalkan keremajaan, kecantikan, melewatkan penuaan dan juga untuk menjaga kesihatan dalaman & luaran.

Namun begitu, Herba Maharani yang terkini dihasilkan melalui teknologi terkini dan ia bersifat lebih halus, lembut, rasa wangi dan tulen. Gabungan pelbagai herba dan bahan yang berharga dalam Herba Maharani berkesan dalam menambahkan tenaga dan darah, malah ia juga membantu menyelaras kitaran haid wanita.

Siapa yang perlu amalkan makan Herba Maharani?

Herba Maharani telah diamalkan secara meluas di kalangan wanita di malaysia. Dari anak dara hinggalah yang telah mengalami putus haid (Menopause). 

Ada lebih dari 20 kelebihan mengamalkan Herba Maharani:


Belum cuba belum tahu. Setiap pemakanan mengambil masa untuk kita lihat sendiri keberkesanannya. Ini adalah antara rawatan alternative dan pengambilan secara konsisten InsyaAllah mampu merawat dan mengurangkan masalah yang anda hadapi. 

Berikut antara testimoni client yang mengamalkan pengambilan Herba Maharani:

Sekiranya anda berminat ingin mencuba, Herba Maharani ini hanya berharga RM98/kotak (postage RM5/semenanjung Malaysia @ RM10/Sabah 7 Sarawak).

Boleh hubungi yana di 019-3899315 atau klik Fast Whatsapp link ini 

Kuala Lumpur to Host Biggest Asia-Pacific Global Retail Summit - 18th Asia-Pacific Retailers Convention & Exhibition 2017

Transformation, Creativity and Beyond: 18th APRCE 2017 to address new retail trends and issues in Asia-Pacific’s largest retail event in Kuala Lumpur 

Press Conference of The 18th Asia-Pacific Retailers Convention and Exhibition (APRCE)
at Element by Westin Hotel. 

The 18th Asia-Pacific Retailers Convention and Exhibition (APRCE) will take place at the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre from October 25 to 27, 2017. About 3,000 delegates from 18 countries are expected at Asia Pacific’s largest retail event which is held once every two years. 

Organised by the Malaysia Retailers Association (MRA) and endorsed by Federation of AsiaPacific Retailers Associations (FAPRA), the theme of the 18th APRCE 2017 is “Transformation, Creativity and Beyond”. 

Key global retailers are expected at this event which will spearhead a re-think on retail and how to drive change through innovation, transformation and staying ahead of the pack for business success. It will explore opportunities to capture the next decade of discerning digitised customers. 

World-class speakers, retail leaders and solution providers from the US, UK, Japan, China, Korea and, of course, Malaysia will share their business success stories, new retail trends, ways to retail excellence and e-commerce trends and challenges in retailing, among others. 

Among the 22 speakers at the 18th APRCE2017 are: Mr Howard Saunders, Retail Futurist, Twenty Second and Fifth Ltd, US; Mr Christopher Sanderson, Co-Founder, Future Lab United Kingdom; Mr Motoya Okada, President and CEO, AEON Co. Ltd; Mr Benjamin Yong, Founder and Group Chief Eating Officer of the BIG Group, Malaysia; Mr Hoseok Kim, CEO of Celcom Planet Sdn Bhd (11Street), Malaysia; Ms Michelle Grant, Head of Retailing at Euromonitor International, US; Mr Chan Kok Long, Co-Founder & Executive Director of IPay88 Sdn Bhd, Malaysia; Mr Roger Wang, Chairman of Golden Eagle International Group, China and Mr Chen Xiaodong, CEO of Intime Retail Group, China. 

The delegates attending 

According to APRCE 2017 Organising Chairman, Mr James Loke, about 1,300 foreign delegates have confirmed their attendance. They include those from Japan, China, Korea, Indonesia, the Philippines and other FAPRA-recognised national retail trade organisations such as in Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, Myanmar, Australia, New Zealand, Taiwan, Hong Kong, India, Mongolia, Turkey and Fiji. 

The event is the perfect focal point for international networking, and Malaysia, as the host, is the ideal location to mix business with leisure. Representatives from Asia-Pacific will be converging here to exchange ideas, connect with suppliers, seek business opportunities and network. 

The 18th APRCE 2017 is supported by the Ministry of Tourism and Culture, and the Malaysia Convention and Exhibition Bureau (MyCEB). 

How APRCE started 

Since 1983, APRCE has been the main activity of the Federation of Asia-Pacific Retailers Associations (FAPRA), which has 18 association members from 18 countries. It is the longest running biennial retail conference in Asia-Pacific. The host country is selected by FAPRA members through a bidding process held every 2 years. 

For the record, the 17th APRCE 2015 was held in Manila, Philippines while the 16 th APRCE 2013 took place in Istanbul, Turkey. The 18th APRCE 2017 will bring together participants to learn, discover and network, and make meaningful connections with other industry professionals. It will also highlight innovative solutions to help retailers differentiate themselves from their competitors. 

About Malaysia Retailers Association (MRA) 

Malaysia Retailers Association (MRA) was founded in 1982. Representing some of the largest retail companies in Malaysia, MRA is a recognized representative of the retail industry by various Ministries and related authorities and agencies. 

MRA is one of the founding members and ONLY representative from Malaysia to the Federation of Asia-Pacific Retailers Associations (FAPRA), whose members span over 18 Asia-Pacific countries. 

Founder & CEO of StylarNetwork Sdn Bhd (SuperAnt), David Lim signing up as digital partner with APRCE Organising Chairman, James Loke and looking on is APRCE Conference Chairman, Raymond Teo

The signing ceremony with Digital Partner- StylarNetwork Sdn Bhd.

About Federation of Asia-Pacific Retailers Association (FAPRA) 

The Federation of Asia-Pacific Retailers Association (FAPRA) was founded in 1983 and fully established in 1989 at the 4th APRCE in Singapore. Since then, it has implemented activities and developed itself with the aim of discussing common issues in the region, promote information exchange and friendship, thereby contributing to the development of commerce and the improvement of retailers’ status in the region. 

FAPRA has been a congregation of retailers’ associations that come together for one key objective -- the sharing of information. Echoing this, one of the successful activities of FAPRA is the biennial APRCE which provides opportunities to FAPRA members to learn from experts, as well as enjoy meeting and establishing relationships with counterparts from around the region. 

To continue strengthening its objective of creating more sharing and exchanging of information among FAPRA members, the Permanent Secretariat (PS) was established in March 2006 upon the resolution of the 12th APRCE in Beijing, China.
To honour FAPRA’s associations’ members for their outstanding achievement, FAPRA Awards made its debut in 2009 and were presented in APRCE then. 

From left to right; Ho Yoke Ping, General Manager - Business Events, Malaysia Convention & Exhibition Bureau; Dato' Sri Meer Habib, MRA Hon Secretary & APRCE Marketing & PR Chairman; James Loke, MRA Deputy President & APRCE Organising Chairman and Raymond Teo, MRA Council Member & APRCE Conference Chairman​

**The press release for and on behalf of Malaysia Retailers Association**